Do your web pages rank highly in the search engines?

With on-line competition at an all time high, there has never been a more important time to make your web site appear high up on the pages of search engines and increase site 'stickiness'.


Research has shown that around 89 percent of internet users use search engines and directories to look for products, services and information. There is no advantage in having a web site if no one is able to find it.

Read about SEO 'Getting your website in the Search Engines'

'Search engine optimisation' refers to the process of modifying a web site to achieve a high search engine ranking for specific keywords or phrases. The sort of phrases your clients will try to find you with in the search engines. To achieve high search engine rankings, certain features of your web site must be optimised to make the site search engine friendly.

'Search engine marketing' is a much broader term that refers to everything that can be done to utilize the technology of search engines, blog directories and other social networking systems with the goal of promoting a web site and increasing its traffic, its "stickiness," and, in the case of sites that promote a business - increase profits.
SEO (search engine optimisation) is in fact just the first phase of SEM (search engine marketing).

The big problem you will encounter again and again is that very few web design companies know how to optimise a web site or what to do after that! Sure, they can create an attractive looking site, but we can show you hundreds of sites developed by companies that have been in the internet business a long time and which fail miserably and often embarrassingly when it comes to search engine performance.

At Provoli Communications we know all about search engines (particularly Google) and how they prioritise and rank sites. We know what they want to see and we also know what they will penalise or perhaps even ban you from their listings for. We also know about things like website traffic, social networking and other technical aspects.