Content Management Systems

Need to update your website's content on a regular basis?
Don't want to wait days to get simple changes made?

Our custom Content Management Systems (CMS) allow website owners to make changes and additions to their website themselves. No special programming knowledge is required. Simply login to your website via any computer and make the changes in real time.

Our approach to content management begins with analyzing your website needs and online business objectives. This assessment assures that we develop a Custom Content Management System that precisely fits your business needs.

Common Features of our CMS

Page Content Management
Using a rich-text editor, similar to Microsoft Word, site owners can update text content anytime. Users can create links, styles, headings, bulleted lists, and more.

Image Management
Update any images on your website easily, with auto-resizing to fit the design of your site. Thumbnails and ancillary images are created automatically.

Site Search
Site search tools that index your site daily, and deliver extremely fast query results. Our Search tool archives all content on your site, including PDF, Word Doc, Excel Doc etc.

Profile Manager
Manage team members, client lists, product items, or any other "unit" that needs to be managed. Create, edit, delete items, and even sort their display order.

Newsletter & Mailing List Management
Automated newsletter sign-up from your website, self-managed subscribe options with automated unsubscribe functionality.

Calendar/Event/Trade Show Management
Add events and manage your online calendar.

Custom blog solutions integrated with CMS allowing you to build and manage your blog efficiently and easily.

User Management
Multi-level user management allows an administrative user to have global access, and create multiple users or user groups with different levels of access.

Page Creation & Menu Management
Create content pages, and manage their placement in your site navigation (drop down menus etc).

Meta-Data (Search Engine Optimization)
Content Manage page titles, keywords, page description and other data relevant to Search Engines.

Provoli Some of our Works

Why choose us

Provoli Communications is a Patras - Greece based website design and internet promotion company. We specialise in managing business looking to effectively harness the market potential of the internet.

Provoli Communications Inc, is dedicated to designing, developing, maintaining and improving the functionality of your organization's website.

Provoli Communications has been serving businesses and individuals for over ten years in dynamic website design, development and marketing campaigns.

We help customers identify the best ways to achieve maximum exposure on the Internet via search engine rankings and by presenting the best possible image for our clients.

Provoli Communications Inc, is dedicated to designing, developing, maintaining and improving the functionality of your organization's website.

Our goal is to enhance your online presence of your business. We will introduce to your website all the necessary functionality your website needs to drive your success.

Our Capabilities

UI Design 80%
Branding & Identity 70%
JavaScript 60%
HTML5&CSS3 90%
Joomla - WordPress 80%