Our Design Portfolio 

Provoli Communications is a professional graphic design studio with a great deal of experience devoted to provide professional, high-quality design solutions for the web as well as for the print media.

Web Design Portfolio
Provoli Communications' services for the web include  webdesign, website redesign, banner design, company logo design, flash animation, template customization, web consulting, email newsletter design, website maintenance, content management, ecommerce design, domain name registration and web hosting.
Print Design Portfolio
Provoli Communications' services for the print include graphic design, logo design, brand development, stationary design, brochure design, corporate identity, advertisement design.




Website Maintenance

maintenanceWebsite Maintenance at Affordable Rates
Are you looking to keep your website updated for a reasonable investment?
Are you tired of long turnaround time from your current web maintenance vendor for website changes?
Keeping your website updated is critical to the success of your online strategy.

 Our Web Maintenance package include:

  • Backups
  • Weeekly Site Reporting with Google Analytics
  • Backup of the Entire Site
  • Security Updates of Joomla Core and Addons
  • Weekly Project Status Reports for Ongoing Projects
  • Website content updates
  • Product updates for ecommerce sites
  • Email address creation
  • Feature addition
  • Any Mysql or PHP help
  • Component, Module, Plugin installation modification.
  • and a lot more to go...

Dear website owners!

It’s no secret that both visitors and search engine alike prefer to visit updated websites where content is added on a regular basis. Websites needs regular maintenance like updating of content and graphics. Whatever is your business, you need ongoing web site maintenance to make sure that you are getting the highest return on website investment.

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Content Management Systems

Need to update your website's content on a regular basis?
Don't want to wait days to get simple changes made?

Our custom Content Management Systems (CMS) allow website owners to make changes and additions to their website themselves. No special programming knowledge is required. Simply login to your website via any computer and make the changes in real time.

Our approach to content management begins with analyzing your website needs and online business objectives. This assessment assures that we develop a Custom Content Management System that precisely fits your business needs.

Common Features of our CMS

Page Content Management
Using a rich-text editor, similar to Microsoft Word, site owners can update text content anytime. Users can create links, styles, headings, bulleted lists, and more.

Image Management
Update any images on your website easily, with auto-resizing to fit the design of your site. Thumbnails and ancillary images are created automatically.

Site Search
Site search tools that index your site daily, and deliver extremely fast query results. Our Search tool archives all content on your site, including PDF, Word Doc, Excel Doc etc.

Profile Manager
Manage team members, client lists, product items, or any other "unit" that needs to be managed. Create, edit, delete items, and even sort their display order.

Newsletter & Mailing List Management
Automated newsletter sign-up from your website, self-managed subscribe options with automated unsubscribe functionality.

Calendar/Event/Trade Show Management
Add events and manage your online calendar.

Custom blog solutions integrated with CMS allowing you to build and manage your blog efficiently and easily.

User Management
Multi-level user management allows an administrative user to have global access, and create multiple users or user groups with different levels of access.

Page Creation & Menu Management
Create content pages, and manage their placement in your site navigation (drop down menus etc).

Meta-Data (Search Engine Optimization)
Content Manage page titles, keywords, page description and other data relevant to Search Engines.



Search Engine Optimization

In the crowded marketplace of the Internet, it has become nearly impossible to achieve visibility without " search engine optimization ." Known as " SEO " among web design and e-commerce professionals, " search engine optimization " requires careful design of marketing material, so that search engines will be more likely to offer it to users searching the Internet for information.

When an Internet user types a keyword or key phrase into a search engine, the result is often several pages of website links related to the search term. Most often, the order in which these search results are presented is arranged according to the relevance of the site to the search item the user has entered. The search engine determines relevance on the basis of how certain keywords and phrases appear in the content of a website. The most strategically written and arranged content that can be achieved through website optimization and SEO techniques results in the website appearing at or near the top of the list of search results.

Website Optimization Services
Experience has shown that, unless a website comes up on the first page or two of those search results, it will probably never be visited. Users tend to click on the link to websites near the top of the list, and usually find a site they can use in those first few clicks. Without website optimization , it is unlikely that a website will rise above all of the online "noise" to come directly to the customer's attention.

Provoli Communications focuses on search engine optimization through a complex process of keyword analysis and phrase structure. By researching which keywords potential website visitors are using to find the client's competitors.

Provoli Communications has extensive experience providing website optimization across several industry sectors, including consumer products, energy companies, service organizations, restaurants, real estate, auto retailing, etc. The company offers several plans for creating "search engine friendly websites," designed into increase traffic and conversions for e-commerce clients.



e-Commerce Packages

Provoli Communications can provide custom ecommerce website design solutions that will enable you to run an ecommerce website on the internet in a user friendly manner.

A comprehensive ecommerce software solution that helps you build online stores quickly and professionally is VirtueMart, the best choice of e-Commerce solution supported by Joomla

We design and customise VirtueMart ecommerce package, to make it easy for you and your clients to build and manage an online store - even with little or no experience.

VirtueMart is an Open Source E-Commerce solution to be used together with a Content Management System (CMS) called Joomla!. Joomla and VirtueMart are written in PHP and made for easy use in a PHP / MySQL environment.

What you can do with VirtueMart :

  • You can add, edit and delete an unlimited number of product categories
  • You can add, edit and delete an unlimited number of products
  • Have control of your stock
  • Add special offers - $ or %
  • Full customer accounts and order history
  • Customers can login and view their order status and order history
  • You can easily add, edit and delete pages within your website
  • Site search - allows your site visitors to search your website and online shop

You don't need any special technical knowledge
You can run your own Ecommerce website with the minimum of technical knowledge, if you can fill out a form you can run an online shop. We provide an admin area for your online shop, to allow you to add products and categories to your shop in a quick and easy manner.



$ 9 per month
  • Static Web Site
  • up to 10 Pages
  • Hosting 100 MB
  • Your Domain Name
  • 10 Mail Accounts
  • Daily Backup


$ 29 per month
  • CMS Web Site Design
  • Pages 30
  • Design Editor
  • Hosting 500 GB
  • Your Domain Name
  • 30 Mail Accounts
  • SEO
  • Daily Backup


$ 39 per month
  • E - Commerce Site Design
  • Pages Unlimited
  • Design Editor
  • Premium Hosting
  • Your Domain Name
  • Unlimited Mail Accounts
  • SEO
  • Daily Backup
  • Mass Mailing

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