When your website undergoes significant changes or in case new product is launched letting your customers know is a must for you.

Of course, you can just wait until your every client visits your site and sees the innovation himself but you can’t make guesses and should act to attract your customers attention for sure.

In this case email newsletter is the very tool that will come in handy and help you to maintain relationships both with clients and supporters regardless of their visits to your site.

Email newsletter is considered to be a perfect solution for your online marketing campaign because of several reasons :

  • First, it is a great way to stay in touch with your customers and keep them informed concerning all important news and events of your business.
  • Secondly, email newsletters help you to provide your clients with information timely when the deal is urgent and everyone can get the most benefit out of it.
  •  Besides, email newsletters are inexpensive and do not require extra technologies to be implemented, especially considering that there are email list management programs available.

Email newsletters will be appreciated by your customers as an opportunity to hear from you on a regular basis in case you write and send them properly.

Here are some useful suggestions to take into account.

  1. Email newsletter is the thing which requires you to be laconic and keep it short so avoid writing too much. It is known that most users spend less than 60 seconds to read a newsletter they receive, and moreover, not more than 20% of all email newsletters are actually read. Don’t waste your time on introductions as your customers don’t want to waste it too. In most cases email newsletters readers skip the intro and are interested only in the essence of the matter.
  2. Good email newsletter starts with good headline which will make the customer open what you have sent. If you invent some smart and attractive heading it guarantees the user won’t put your email newsletter into a junk box or even delete it.
  3. Every newsletter you send should be timely and reflect the current events. If you launch some contest or offer special discounts which will be urgent only during a certain period of time inform your customers at once, preferably the day you start the event.
  4. Writing a newsletter try to make the file size small and don’t exaggerate with images. In case you want to supplement your newsletter with pictures it is better to put it in your website.
  5. The last point that doesn’t touch upon the technique of email newsletter writing but is of great importance implies the way your customers subscribe to a newsletter. Don’t ask too much information but if the subscription requires more than just an e-mail address make it compatible with autofil options.

So if your website still doesn’t have an email newsletter it is high-time to publish it enhancing your online activities and strengthening your relationships with customers and business partners. Email newsletters are one of the most powerful web marketing strategies so hurry to get your piece of success.